Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big smiles? School must be out

That was front page news in the Houston Chronicle. In that view, school represents the curse of Adam, the burden of work you don't want to do.

Poor children.

I am reminded of one of our graduates, Travis Caton, whom we interviewed several years ago when he was a senior at Bellaire High School. It was right after Christmas break and Travis recalled phone conversations with some of his high school classmates who were whooping it up because school was out. He joined in the whoopery because he did not want to be seen as a total dork. In the interview he expressed his real feelings:

"I think that school is a privilege. Learning is a privilege."

A rare comment from a football player? Just what I would expect from a Montessori kid. Don't get me wrong, Montessori kids love summer. But our headline would feature the tears we see every May as our kids mourn their separation from a learning environment prepared specially for them. Not the curse of Adam, but the Garden of Eden itself.


  1. Our 4, soon to be 5 yr old, is VERY sad when he is not well enough to go to school due to an unwanted fever. So much so that we made a decision to send him to his schools summer camp program everyother week this summer~we thought, maybe just maybe he would prefer to stay home for summer...but NO~he counts the days when he gets to return to the summer special sessions and he knows after his birthday he gets to return to Mrs. Judith's classroom! Oh happy are the days for the choices we make for our son! 2nd Year soon to be 3rd year student at Community Montessori School in Georgetown TX.

  2. One of my students, a 6 yr. old who bloomed during his Kindergarten year in Montessori, made me the happiest teacher ever when he declared: "I don't want to go home. School is so much fun!"

  3. Today I found out that one of my 3 yr. old students is enrolling in our summer school program for what's left of the summer because she has been BEGGING her mom to send her to school every day since her vacation began! Montessori really DOES make learning fun!