Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Get down on the floor

Baby Einstein?

Build IQ through video. Or computer use.


Check it out. Get your refund.

"...getting down on the floor to play with your child is the most educational thing you can do."

Real engagement.

Real experience.

Three dimensional.




  1. Or how about letting the child get on the floor - by himself - without the parents constantly hovering over him and directing his play?

  2. Yes, antidote to the helicopter parent.

    On the other hand, this comment is in reference to the research on language development in infants and emphasizes that it is face-to-face personal interaction that leads to optimal language development -- rather than any technology-based language learning.

    Thanks for your comment. John

  3. John, good comments. We bought some of those Baby Einstein DVDs when our son was an infant. I never believed the hype, but I don't think they were harmful, if not overdone or over-relied upon. I think the most influential DVDs was when we noticed he was intensely interested in natural life dinosaurs--not the cartoon stuff; so I got him the Walking with Dinosaurs "documentaries." You had this 2 year old just riveted by scenes of meat-eating therapods ripping the meat off of veggiesaurs... no wonder he is still into them!