Friday, February 26, 2010

The Real World

"But, Maura, how does Montessori get them ready for the REAL world?"

Well, let's define the REAL world...

At your job, is everyone the same exact age? Is everyone sitting at
their desks, doing the same thing at the same time? Are they doing
tasks that require them to access knowledge, off the top of their
heads, in a timed setting?

Do you have different people with different levels of experience
working in your office? Do you collaborate with your colleagues on projects? Do you need to choose the right tools for the right jobs? Do you need to be able to set up work, concentrate on it, keep it organized, put it away? Do you have to be able to work independently, and work in a group? Do you need to try things and discover that they work or don't work, that is, learn from your mistakes? Do you need to be able to problem solve? Communicate effectively?

Montessori IS the REAL world.

[Thanks to Maura Joyce, Head of School, Montessori in the Redlands (CA)]


  1. Wonderful response to the age old question: Is Montessori relevant to the real world? I suppose it is! Kudos for this post!

  2. Thanks for your encouragement. I'll send your responses along to Maura Joyce!

  3. excellent and straight to the point!