Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Here's a preview of a 30 minute video profile of Montessori education, the Post Oak School and to make it all personal, me. The program is airing tomorrow evening at 10:30 pm locally on the Houston PBS channel.

It's an out of body experience watching myself on tape.

And I'm fascinated because I've been reading for the past 10 years about how to communicate clearly about our work. To avoid being pedantic. Academic.

Will an interested parent read about education beyond the 3-second mark? Beyond the 30-second mark? Beyond the 3-minute mark?

That's why I've read Made to Stick, and Don't Be Such a Scientist, and Seth Godin's blog, and Selling the Invisible, and Blink, and Visual Explanations...


  1. Ah, yes, how many of us have been accused of coming across as uppity, arrogant... And all because we're passionate about our work but don't know how to communicate effectively. Thanks for the reading suggestions, definitely worth delving into (already love Seth's Blog, thanks to you)! Will the video ever go up on the web for us non-Houstonians to see?

  2. Thanks for the video. Will the whole thing will be available to watch? I'm living in Ireland. Together with my wife we are passionate about Montessori though we still haven't had the opportunity to do a proper AMI training course. My wife Joanna would like to do the Assistants to Infancy training in London that starts this year. It will be hard to do with two children under 2 years old but we want to try.
    This month we are going to speak to parents about our experiences with Montessori at our home and I would love to see the whole video because you speak about Montessori in a really clear way.

  3. Have you read Linchpin, John? Really wonderful bits about education. If you haven't, I will give you my copy.

  4. Linchpin? No, that's new to me. Please send it along!

  5. We'll post the complete video as soon as we have a copy. It is not available online as of today.