Tuesday, June 18, 2013

raising successful children

"Raising Successful Children" from Madeline Levine.  Here are a few phrases to tease you:

"HANGING back and allowing children to make mistakes is one of the greatest challenges of parenting."

"Mastery of the world is an expanding geography for our kids..."

"This may seem counterintuitive, but praising children’s talents and abilities seems to rattle their confidence." 

 "If you can’t stand to see your child unhappy, you are in the wrong business."

"...the tools they will need to handle the inevitable, difficult, challenging and sometimes devastating demands of life."

 "it is always a telltale sign of overparenting when they talk about how 'we’re applying to Columbia.'"

"Parents also have to make sure their own lives are fulfilling. There is no parent more vulnerable to the excesses of overparenting than an unhappy parent." 

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